Royalent Storm L-Glutamine Powder 250 g

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  • Provides you with unadulterated L-Glutamine of 5 g per serving.
  • Improve protein metabolism, cell volumization and anti-catabolism.
  • Prevents the breakdown of your muscles
  • Every batch is tested in a NABL certified lab
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Each serving provides you 5g of L-Glutamine to speed up post-exercise recovery and minimize catabolism by preventing breakdown of your muscles. This improves your athletic performance. RoyalentTM Glutamine is a pure, unadulterated glutamine that gets absorbed quickly and stimulates protein synthesis to maximize muscle recovery. RoyalentTM Glutamine restores the glutamine content in your blood depleted due to intense training. It supports your immune system and boosts muscle recovery after strenuous workouts. RoyalentTM Glutamine supplement fortifies your Immune system so that your body is not affected due to extreme dieting and intense training. We ensure that the glutamine is pure and there are no fillers or harmful substance added.

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